Website Updates For Eclipse Foundation AISBL

August 28, 2020

The Eclipse Foundation recently announced its intention to transition to Europe as part of its continued global expansion.

To support this initiative, we needed to start making some important changes to our website. This week, we made available the first round of these changes!

1. Eclipse Membership

First off, it was essential to rethink how we convey membership information on our website. Our main goal was to organize information effectively and highlight important links such as how to contact us.

We decided to use tabs to make it easier for users to find our membership fees, our membership levels, how to become a member, and our key services.

Folks are no longuer required to navigate between multiple pages to find the information they need.

Screenshot of the Eclipse Membership landing page

2. Eclipse Working Groups

Given that many of our new members are now interested in joining an Eclipse Working Groups, we wanted to make sure that important documents, such as the Working Group Partipation Agreement or the Working Group Charter, were easy to find.

Therefore, we thought changing the layout would help. We highlighted the Resources section to make it really visible on the page and now we have more space to grow and support additional documents in the future.

Screenshot of how we now display Eclipse Working Groups on our website

3. Eclipse Members

Finally, we simplified our Members page, we thought the page would be more interesting by offering a simple list of logos and company name by removing the short description of each member.

Screenshot of Eclipse Members

The Work Ahead

Our focus is now on the required content updates for Eclipse Foundation AISBL.

We created Bug 566455 - Website Updates For Eclipse Foundation AISBL to discuss these remaining changes.

One of those changes is to publish the Eclipse Foundation AISBL Membership Agreement. This is a new agreement that members will be asked to sign as of October. To simplify the signing process, we will allow our members to sign the Membership Agreement with an eSignature.

We also need to update the currency of our membership fees. Our fees will no longer be stated in USD but in Euros.

The list of remaining changes is available via the dependency tree of this project.

Screenshot of dependency tree

To learn more about the Eclipse Foundation transition to Europe, please visit

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