Beam aboard the Eclipse USS

June 9, 2016

EclipseCon is all about community. Contributors, adopters, extenders, service providers, consumers and business and research organizations gather to share their expertise and learn from each other.

EclipseCon delivers networking opportunities that lead to synergies in the community, as well as opportunities to give and receive help on specific technical issues or to generate business opportunities.

Beam aboard the Eclipse USS

Eclipse projects often need to maintain user data or state information that can persist across multiple computers or workspaces.

The Eclipse User Storage Service (USS) is here to help solve this problem. The Eclipse USS is a new storage service from the Eclipse Foundation that will allow projects to store and retrieve user data and preferences from our servers.

During the session we will:

  • Explain Eclipse USS and Eclipse USS SDK.
  • Show how your project can get started, and where you can find help/documentation to implement this new and awesome service.
  • Talk about future plans for Eclipse USS.


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